Quality and environmental policy

GEVEA offers leading products, solutions and services in disconnector and fuse technology, electricity distribution and materials for the railway that meet or exceed our customers' requirements regarding function, documentation, quality, environmental impact and energy consumption. Through their professional knowledge, experience and commitment, all employees contribute to our deliveries meeting our customers' expectations and requirements. We work continuously to reduce our environmental impact. We do this by working in a way that promotes reduced energy use, reduced amount of chemical substances and materials and minimizes our waste. Continuous improvement is a natural part of our everyday lives.
The organization of GEVEA is dedicated to customer focus, responsibility, team spirit, creativity and joy.
At GEVEA, we ensure that all employees have the right training and competence by continuously evaluating the individual employee's training needs and the market's expectations and needs.
For us at GEVEA, it is a natural part of the work to show initiative, knowledge and commitment and to treat our customers and other stakeholders positively. Working with continuous improvements of our products, flows and methods as well as systems is a natural part of the working day.
We work to ensure that we constantly reduce our environmental impact and ensure and develop quality. We do this by setting goals, action plans and follow-up of our operations.
To be in line with legal requirements, regulations and other rules is a natural part of our everyday lives. We monitor society's requirements and legislation while actively keeping up to date with developments in our respective areas of activity.